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·         How It All Began…

Why build a website when you can buy one? decided to cancel booking suite. This was the website on the booking platform that was designed for bed and breakfasts, guest houses and hotels. They charged an extra percentage for customers booking through the website but at least I was out there in some form. So now what do I do? I needed a website but where does one start. I didn’t want to pay thousands for a design and I really wanted to be able to upload information myself and be in some sort of control intsead of getting others to do all of the updates and announcements.

Covid put us all at a standstill I had time to read during the covid pandemic and found an article from an IT company about giving advice to small businesses on anything IT related. So, I decided to send an email and ask what would be the best platform to host and build a website for my business and how to go about it. I received fabulous free information about getting started on google just to get out their to many designed platforms and finally wordpress.

Step one I downloaded some help sheets for google and started to create a website on google. With excitement I started to gather some images and put a few pages together. All I had to do was to add a widget or a button for customers to book dircet from the website. And that’s where it kind of fell apart for me. You can’t add a widget for freetobook on google platform. I tried to paste the computer code on different pages thinking I was clever but no it;s as far as I could go and learned the limitations of the platform. So what next. I had heard of wordpress it had a good reputation although it could be difficult for beginners. That evening I read about Business Gateway courses and started to look for webdesign using wordpress. I found one and booked up for an online training course.

Upskill she said that’s the way forward. So I did a 3 hour course with David Percival from Aberdeen and tried to absorb as much as possible. Its just as well we were emailed the powerpoint slides. So much more to learn find a name for the site from But what about the name I already have with google. I already just transferred that from Can I have more than one name? Can I add another? Do I start with something different? I used so decided to use Will one go to another? Do you delete google when you create your wordpress website? So much to learn.

The only host I know is at a party! Now I needed a host. I used Ionos as it was one of the hosting sites recommended. I paid the monthly fee and set it up. At this point I thought its no wonder people just pay an expert this is so complicated. Next wordpress I thought lets go. I loaded some astra pages and plugins for construction sites and keys. I started to redesign a site already created to find out I hadn’t added any pages. Dam start again. My first problem was moving columns I just couldn’t get it to drag into position and got very frustrated. How could this not be as easy as publisher?


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